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3 Tips for Giving LASIK as a Christmas Gift

Posted by Eye Specialists of Louisiana on Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 04:13 PM

LASIK for Christmas-1.pngIf you have a loved one who wears contacts or glasses, you’ve probably heard them lament their poor eyesight more than once.  You may have even heard them express their desire to get LASIK surgery.  It’s an option that seems to regularly cross the minds of those whose sight has become dependent upon corrective eyewear.  After all, it’s quite easy to take for granted the ability to simply wake up and be able to see or to dash out the door without regard for glasses or contact solution.  And, while your loved one may have expressed some of these same sentiments, there could also be a couple of hurdles that are preventing them from taking the leap.  However, with the help and encouragement of someone they love and trust, their dream of clear, unassisted vision could be a reality.

Tip 1: Understand Who is a Candidate for LASIK

Not all patients with refractive errors are candidates for LASIK, so it’s important to do some homework ahead of time to determine if your loved one would even be able to take advantage of the surgery.  Here are the requirements that patients must meet:

  • Over 18 years old
  • Eyes are generally healthy (i.e. – no infection, scars, etc.)
  • Have stable vision without prescription changes in the past year
  • Willing to stop wearing contacts 2 to 4 weeks prior to surgery

While there are certainly other factors that will come into play and that can be discussed during a consultation, meeting the above makes a patient a pretty good candidate for LASIK surgery.

Tip 2: Research LASIK Surgeons

You may see ads promoting discounted LASIK procedures or notice a physician’s television commercials, but these should not be the determining factor in which LASIK surgeon you choose.  When it comes to any surgical procedure, especially one involving an area as delicate as the eyes, due diligence in research is necessary to make the best possible choice.  Use search engines and social media to locate nearby doctors.  Read their reviews and talk to former patients.  You likely know at least one or two people who have already had LASIK.  Find out who they went to and if they would recommend them.  And, of course, always confirm your surgeon’s qualifications and experience.

Tip 3: Look for LASIK Financing Options

The average cost of LASIK is anywhere from $1500 to $3000 per eye.  Although some surgeons may charge slightly more or less.  This cost can be off-putting to some, but LASIK is actually quite cost effective, drastically reducing the amount of money that patients must spend on prescription eyewear and associated products such as contact solution over their lifetime.  Additionally, most practices offer financing options to help patients pay for their procedure over the course of several months versus one lump sum.  And, don’t forget other payment options that may be available such as a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account through an employer.

If you want to give the gift this Christmas that will last forever, give the gift of clear sight.  Not only is it something that will be used every single day, it can also greatly improve quality of life and even happiness.  You can begin by scheduling an initial consultation with a Baton Rouge LASIK surgeon such as those at Eye Specialists of Louisiana who will help guide yourself and your loved one through the process from evaluation to surgery to follow-up.  Simply click below to request your appointment.

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