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Tips for First-Time Contact Lens Wearers in Baton Rouge

Posted by Eye Specialists of Louisiana on Wed, Jun 21, 2017 @ 10:15 AM

Contact lensesAsk anyone new to contact lenses and they’ll likely tell you that the thought of positioning something in their eye is daunting.  It could be placed incorrectly or handled improperly, leading to discomfort or potential infection.  Still, when used appropriately, contact lenses are a great option for those who require vision correction but don’t want to wear glasses.  It simply requires a bit of caution and common sense to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable and your vision on track.

Check For Inverted Contact Lens

Putting in an inverted contact lens can be quite uncomfortable, and if it ever happens to you, you will likely quickly realize your mistake.  Avoid this problem, and learn to recognize an inverted contact lens with this simple visual test:

Hold the contact lens on your finger up to the light. If the edges appear straight or curled in, it is in the proper position. If the edges are flared or appear to curl out, it is inverted. Flip the lens, so that it is in the correct position and place carefully in your eye.

Always Use Lens Solution To Clean Contacts

While water and even saliva may seem convenient when looking for a quick way to clean a lens, the risks that are associated are anything but.  If you clean contacts with something other than the recommended lens solution, you run the risk of infection or painful irritation.  Of course, there will be times when you’ll need to hydrate your eyes and clean your contacts in the middle of the day.  For these occasions, keep a small bottle of solution and rewetting drops on hand at all times.  In a purse, car, or at your desk are always good options to help ensure you are never without.

Handle Contact Lenses With Care

Handling contact lenses roughly can result in tears in the lens, rendering the lens ineffective. Always handle contact lenses gently and don’t attempt to multitask while caring for your contact lenses.  On the same note, make sure you always wash your hands before putting on, removing, or cleaning your lenses.  This can help protect the lenses, and your eyes, from bacteria that may result in an infection.

Replace Contacts As Recommended

Are you using monthly contacts or disposable daily lenses? Make sure you replace your lenses and lens case as recommended by your doctor.  These intervals are in place to help keep your eyes safe and your contacts working at an optimal level.  For maximum comfort and protection, don’t wear your lenses for longer than the recommended time frame, and unless you are using those approved for overnight wear, remove them before bed each night.  You should also replace your lens case every 3 months in order to prevent biofilm from building up and breeding germs and bacteria.

Have Your Eyes Professionally Examined At Least Once A Year

Regular comprehensive eye exams in Baton Rouge can aid in early detection, management, and even prevention of eye diseases and disorders. For adults with prescription eyewear, schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year to ensure your prescription remains suitable for your individual vision needs.  It is not uncommon for eyesight to change over the course of several months or a year, and keeping your prescription up-to-date ensures that your contact lenses are offering you the greatest visual clarity possible.

For additional information on healthy contact lens use and vision correction services in Baton Rouge, such as LASIK eye surgery, schedule a consultation with the eye health experts at Eye Specialists of Louisiana. 

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