As a practice that prides itself on offering our patients the most advanced, cutting edge techniques in surgical eye care, Eye Specialists of Louisiana is pleased to now offer dropless cataract surgery.

Through this advanced procedure, two medications, triamcinolone (an anti-inflammatory) and moxifloxacin (an antibiotic), are injected at the time of surgery. Typically, such medications would need to be administered with drops over the course of weeks.  However, when moxifloxacin is delivered directly into the eye and triamcinolone under the outer skin of the eye, the medication can be slowly absorbed over the following month, and in most cases, eliminate the need to deliver the same medications through expensive daily drops.  

Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery

  •  Completely elminates the need for pre- and postoperative drops for most patients
  •  Low risk of complication
  •  Greatly simplifies postoperative care
  •  Offers patients a potential savings of hundreds of dollars

Patients may also combine the dropless cataract surgery technique with the bladeless option of the LensX laser.  

If you currently have cataracts and would like to learn more about this advanced procedure and its benefits for you, contact Eye Specialists of Louisiana to schedule a consultation.

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