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Eye Specialists of Louisiana combine the latest, most innovative techniques and technologies with years of experience and research to produce visually stunning results. We take pride in fulfilling and surpassing our patient's expectations in achieving the well-rested, youthful appearance they desire.

Dr. Thomas Stuckey also specializes in a variety of interventions for the eyelid.


Blepharoplasty is a form of Eyelid surgery that is both a functional and cosmetic surgical procedure. It reshapes the upper or lower eyelid by removing excess tissue, repositioning of tissue, including reinforcement of surrounding muscles and tendons. Its high level of patient satisfaction has made it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Blepharoplasty smooths puffy eyes, drooping eyelids, and conspicuous folds surrounding the eye by removing excess fat, skin, and muscle from the upper and/or lower eyelid. The result? A natural, bright-eyed, younger-looking you!

Ectropion Repair

An aging lower eyelid can become lax and rotate outward. This allows the inner side of the eyelid to be exposed to air. The eyelid becomes red and the eye becomes irritated and tears excessively. This can be repaired by tightening the lower lid using a canthoplasty. Severe Ectropion may require elevation of the soft tissue of the cheek in order to support the lower eyelid.

An aging eyelid can also rotate inward. This allows the lashes to rub against the eye, causing chronic irritation. Corrective surgery involves reinsertion of the lower lid retractors of the eyelid, using an incision on the back side of the eyelid, combined with lid tightening using a canthoplasty.

Removal of Lid Lesions

Various growths, infections, skin tags and cysts can occur on both the upper and lower eye lids. Fortunately, many of these eyelid disorders are not vision-threatening or life-threatening. However, many cause irritative symptoms such as burning, foreign-body sensation or pain. Eye Specialists of Louisiana specialize in the treatment of these conditions

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